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Elevate your property marketing with our Aerial Photography and Video solutions, capturing your listings from a new horizon in real estate.

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Property Views from the Clouds

We specialize in providing high-quality real estate aerial photography and video services. Our team of experienced drone pilots and photographers is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your properties.

Experience the future of property marketing with our Aerial Photography and Video services. Breathtaking bird’s-eye views, we offer:

Captivating Aerial Imagery

Showcase your properties from unique angles, revealing their full potential.

Engaging Virtual Tours

Allow potential buyers to step inside your listings and explore every detail.

Competitive Edge

Stand out in the market with striking visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Enhanced Online Presence

Increase engagement on real estate websites and social media platforms.


Real Estate Aerial?

Real Estate Aerial Services are crucial for a variety of reasons and can be employed in numerous scenarios to enhance property marketing. 

Aerial services are invaluable for assessing the layout and potential of a property lot. This is essential for both buyers and developers looking to understand the lot’s dimensions, topography, and potential for construction or landscaping.

Use aerial photography and videography to enhance your property listings. Aerial images and videos can be used in both online and print marketing materials.

For commercial properties, aerial services can help prospective tenants or buyers understand the layout, access, and nearby amenities.

Aerial imagery is valuable for showcasing development projects, both during construction and upon completion, to attract investors and buyers.

Aerial services are particularly effective for showcasing high-end luxury properties, highlighting their exclusive features and surroundings.



[ Real Estate Aerial Solution ]

Why Choose Vessto Studio

Aerial Expertise

Count on our experienced team to capture your properties from captivating angles.

High-Quality Visuals

We deliver stunning imagery that sets your listings apart and leaves a memorable impression.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are customized to your unique needs, ensuring your vision is brought to life.

[ Tailored Solutions to Showcase Your Property ]

Real Estate Videography Packages


$ 149.99


8 Aerial Photos: Professionally captured, high-resolution images showcasing your property from various angles.

Professional Editing and Enhancement: Our experts fine-tune the images to make them visually appealing and highlight your property's best features.

Custom Branding: Incorporating your real estate agency's branding.

Digital Delivery: You'll receive your enhanced photos in a digital format, ready for use in your marketing materials and online listings. Approx. 2-3 business days.

Ideal for standard residential listings and budget-conscious clients.
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$ 249.99


Aerial Videography (30-60 seconds): A captivating video tour of your property, showcasing its exterior features and surrounding area.

Digital Editing: We edit the video to create a visually stunning showcase, optimizing colors, exposure, and more.

Music and Graphics: Background music and any necessary graphics to enhance the video's appeal.

Custom Branding: Incorporating your real estate agency's branding.

Digital Delivery: Your video will be provided in a digital format, suitable for sharing on your website and social media platforms. Approx. 2-3 business days.

Perfect for showcasing residential properties effectively and attracting potential buyers.
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$ 369.99

Photography & Video

Aerial Photography: We capture stunning exterior photos, highlighting the property from various angles to provide a comprehensive view.

Aerial Videography (30-60 seconds): A cinematic exterior video tour, showcasing the property's architecture and its surroundings.

Professional Editing and Enhancement: We expertly edit both photos and video to maximize visual appeal.

Music and Graphics: Background music and any necessary graphics to enhance the video's appeal.

Custom Branding: Incorporating your real estate agency's branding.

Digital Delivery: High-quality image and video files will be delivered digitally, ready for use in your marketing efforts.

Designed for upscale and luxury property listings to make them truly stand out.
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Travel Fee (round trip)
Traveling costs us money and time. There is a $0.50/mile travel fee for clients out of North Port area.

All packages includes the following:

High Resolution Photography and/or Video

High resolution images with post-production photo editing (exposure and contrast correction, color correction, minor blemish correction, cropping) and/or High resolution edited and rendered video (exposure and contrast correction, color correction, minor blemish correction). 

Online Proofing Gallery

Online viewing and proofing of entire photo shoot via password-protected gallery on our website.

"X" Revisions To Make Changes

Depending on the package you select, you'll have the flexibility to make a certain number of revisions to ensure the final video perfectly aligns with your vision.

Download From The Cloud

Your video will be ready to download in High Resolution without the watermark from the cloud.

Copyrights® To Your Photos and/or Video

You will be provided a royalty free release to use our video within any of YOUR menus, website, business ads, magazines, signs, etc. all without additional royalty fees. You may not sell, rent, load, give, sub-license video, or otherwise transfer to anyone. We retain the copyright for all videos.


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