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Show your Investment Projects to your customers. 



for the purposes of technical, investment or image documentation, which are nowadays an indispensable element of a successful investment.

The construction video consists of dozens of successful projects, the best equipment, the most professional team, and photos taken all over the US.

We are experts in creating time-lapse videos presenting the entire, sometimes even several-month long road of a construction project in minutes.


What Can We Offer

Video from Construction

Photography Session

Aerial Footages

Our team will record, edit videos, and take photos from your investment which will enrich your business portfolio. 

[ Take Advantage of ]

Photo-Video Service

and create an effective covering material

Construction Opening

Video from the event “digging the first shovel for investment”. Possibility to make a professional photo session from the event. Possibility of launching surveillance cameras even if there is no internet access on the construction site yet.

Construction Stages

We carry out drone reports – film material from any stage of the investment. If the weather conditions allow it – it is possible to make an express – 24H – from ordering to receiving a ready report.

Completion of the Investment

A film report from the investment commissioning event. Possibility of live streaming services on any website. A film session in the form of a summary film and a photo session of the completed investment.



We are a close-knit team of people who have been creating film productions for years. We spent many weeks on construction sites, perfecting the workshop and delving into the climate of development projects. We are characterized by reliability and professionalism in operation. Our work is our passion.

Our filmmakers are not only experienced, but also very well prepared. All are properly trained in the field of health and safety. Our team arrives at the construction site already equipped with the necessary helmets, shoes, vests and security needed at the entrances at height.
We work comprehensively and we are always prepared so that you do not have to worry about anything.


Professional service, punctuality, great communication, and security.

Our pro-customer approach will make you come back to us with another order, just like most of our customers. Why? Since we are here for you, we want to know how you imagine the end result of our joint work and focus on what is most important to you. We provide professional advice and adapt our work to your needs and possibilities. We are the best on the market, you will find out for yourself.

Let’s create an unforgettable construction movie together! We look forward to working with you!


We work on high-quality equipment – cameras, drones, special time-lapse cameras, professional monitoring equipment.

Reliable equipment ideally suited to the production of films from construction projects. Cameras, drones, specialized cameras for creating timelaps movies and cameras of the highest quality, adapted even to the most difficult working conditions on the construction site and perfectly capturing the most important and impressive aspects of it. We are up to date with the latest technologies and work with the best professionals in the country.

We offer comprehensive services related to filming and drone photography from the air. We also specialize in filming services with the use of professional terrestrial cameras. This gives the opportunity to create unique material based on both classic shots – terrestrial as well as those shot “from a bird’s eye view”. We guarantee the perfect end result of our work.

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